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Arcade Bakery

Arcade Bakery
Ever since we opened up our flagship store in Tribeca we began to explore the local shops.  Through a recommendation from a friend, we went over to Arcade bakery, which is located and somewhat hidden inside of a office building on Church St.  We were told to get a chocolate croissant and pizza so we ordered both to try.  One bite into each we knew we were hooked.  The croissant was hands down the best croissant I have ever had and the same goes for the pizza.  As this became a weekly lunch spot for us, we began to get to know the people behind the shop and that's where we met Roger; the owner and baker behind these magical pastries.  You can usually friend Roger at the shop ringing people up but if you happen to strike up a conversation with him about baking you can see his passion come out right away.  What started as a few questions here and there lead to a friendship with everyone there and we wanted to share this magical place with everyone.  We recently sat down with Roger and asked him a few questions.  After you're done reading this we highly recommend you drop everything and head right to Arcade Bakery and try one of everything.  You can thank us later. 
JS: What inspired you to open up Arcade?
RG: I had been baking for close to 20 years, the next challenge was to see if I could be successful with my own place.

JS: Who are some people you look up to and consider mentors?
RG: One of the best things about being a bread baker is the incredible generosity of so many bakers who take seriously there responsibility to keep the craft alive by transmitting their knowledge to the next generation.   The most important person would be Marc Galigne, the French baker who was my first chef, also Michel Suas, Didier Rosada, Jeffrey Hamelman, Herve Poussot, Thierry Meunier, Jean-Marc Bordonnat, Amy Scherber, David Norman, there are so many who have helped me.
JS: If you could open up another bakery where would you do it and why?
RG: No way.
JS: If you weren’t a Chef what other job could you see yourself doing?
RG: I am happy baking but there are plenty of other things I could obsess about but likely something creative.
JS:What is your favorite thing to make?
RG: Baguettes or croissants, they are both simple and challenging.
JS: What is your favorite thing about Jason Scott? 
RG: I am assuming you mean the clothes, in which case it is honestly the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn.
Head to Arcade Bakery 220 Church St, New York, NY 10013 and check out Roger making life changing pastries in our T's!