Jason Scott founded his namesake brand in 2013 based on a genuine passion for fine tailoring, luxurious fabrics and quality clothing.

About Jason Scott

While working at William Morris, Jason would spend his lunch breaks across the way at Barneys trying on high-end tailored clothing and talking to the sales specialists about every intricate detail. This is how it began. Jason, who's personal style had always been more casual and relaxed, wondered why staples, such a t-shirts, casual pants and sweatshirts shouldn't have the same principles as a suit when it came to the attention to detail and luxurious feel. Jason left his job at the agency and without formal training spent the next two years educating himself on the use of quality fabrics and impeccable tailoring with the desire to redefine casual yet luxurious and tailored basics.

About the Brand

Jason Scott opened his first store in New York City's West Village in 2016. While most brands were focusing on e-commerce, Jason wanted to open a small store in the neighborhood where people could come in and touch the clothes, talk to the sales specialists and focus on customer experience. Jason quickly developed a cult following which was apparent when one of his loyal customers, Harrison Ford, insisted upon wearing his own favorite Jason Scott t-shirt for the cover of GQ.

In 2018, Jason created the ultimate welcoming customer environment by opening his second store: a 2000 square foot flagship in the heart of TriBeCa. The loft space resembles a Manhattan dream home more than it does a boutique. With a full Chalait matcha cafe, living room sitting area, fireplace, TV, and full bar with Jason's favorites spirits, tucked away in the back, the store has become the ideal place to cultivate community.